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'Listen' has the exact same letters as 'Silent'. Coincidence?

About PoetryGrrrl

Hello! My name is Alice. I am a: blogger, mad poet, music lover, and adventurer, among other things.  My alignment is Chaotic Good.

My website contains a bit of everything: original poetry by me and other unknown authors, to videos of poetry slams, to classic and victorian poetry, to the works of Rumi, Sara Teasdale, Lewis Carroll, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Anne Stevenson, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and countless other greats; this website is all about poetry and prose, as well as celebrating literature and the other creative arts.

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Check back here daily to find poetry and prose of all types - whatever strikes my fancy and stirs my soul. I hope that you find something to love here, too.

As to what types of poetry and prose you'll find: I tend to collect love poetry, feminist poetry, nature poetry, existential poetry, and many other genres.  My interests and tastes vary widely, and there is no telling what you'll find here.    icon smile About PoetryGrrrl

Feel free to suggest things to me that I might like including your own original poetry, if you would like some critiquing or for it to be posted on my site. You can put your name on it or be anonymous - either way - if you want your poem to be seen, I'd love to see it.

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One Response to “About PoetryGrrrl”

  1. LindaAnn says:

    My poem appears in the July 2014 issue of Chronogram.
    Let me know if you wish to post it.
    — — — — — "RIPPED" — — — — — — —

    A Spenserian stanza by:
    LindaAnn Loschiavo, New York, NY

    He was a favorite among good wives
    Of Hudson Valley. We’d flirt, lock eyes
    At church when Dame Van Winkle — — who contrived
    To cause unhappiness — — would stiffly rise
    To join the Eucharist line. I heard sighs
    When he passed his note. My heart exulted
    At love’s rash plea: “Let’s run away!” Surprise!
    A lady’s never been so insulted.
    Such tumult when Rip’s twenty-years-nap resulted.
    — — — — — "RIPPED" — — — — — — —


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