Leonard Cohen Live – A Thousand Kisses Deep


This is absolutely amazing. Speechless – watch it for yourself. Leonard Cohen Live – A Thousand Kisses Deep The poem is about accepting things we can’t change, and accepting a path we didn’t exactly envision for ourselves. Believe there is a quiet courage in accepting the path that is laid … Read More

Lullaby by W. H. Auden

Lullaby by W. H. Auden Lay your sleeping head, my love, Human on my faithless arm; Time and fevers burn away Individual beauty from Thoughtful children, and the grave Proves the child ephemeral: But in my arms till break of day Let the living creature lie, Mortal, guilty, but to … Read More

Advice I Wish I’d Been Told by Walt MacDonald

“Advice I Wish I’d Been Told” by Walt MacDonald (from Valparaiso Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 1999/2000) Over the years, I’ve heard good advice from others; I wish they had told me sooner. Probably they did, but I didn’t listen. What I’m about to say is what I constantly urge myself to … Read More

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