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'Listen' has the exact same letters as 'Silent'. Coincidence?

Change, an original poem by PoetryGrrrl

on April 16, 1993

fluidly changing,
not only the present but
the future too
nothing is constant
nothing is true
little unexpected
twists and turns
now out with the old
and in with the new
but never really a difference
between the two
except that the old was familiar
and the new might not catch you if you fall
everything matters, yet nothing at all
no one can hold you up,
or quiet your fears,
and sometimes,
nothing holds you together
except for your fears.
Changes don't happen overnight,
and sometimes never at all.
Sometimes, you reach out for help
only to find that you are utterly,
terribly, alone.
Nothing is what you once thought it was
and that is life.

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