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Flaming Love by Hippie

His hips press hard into the underside of my thighs
My ankles crossed behind his head
Hands gripping the bedsheets
Waves of heat crash through me
His body plowing into mine
Carnal and lustful, you'd think us animals.

Then his hand comes to my face
Shaking with pleasure and emotion
He caresses my cheek, turning my head so i look into his eyes
Seeing the Love that burns there
I remember all the clean, chaste moments we've shared
They all slumber in our souls

Even as he loves me with his eyes, he never breaks rhythm
Continuing to love me with his body, his skin
Fire engulfs me, pulling me in past escape
Getting hotter and hotter, faster and faster
I remember all the sweaty, breathless moments we've shared
They all slumber in our bodies.

Awoken by kisses, stoked by touches
They threaten to overtake us
He groans, chest rumbling with pleasure
He grips my thighs roughly, forcing himself in deep
I arch my back, my body greedily taking in every inch of him
Heat crests and we tumble together into the inferno of our love

Fire rages through me, pulls screams from my lungs
Both of us splattered with evidence of the others love
We collapse on the bed, like a burned out fire
Ashes, we feel like now, hardly fires, spent and satisfied
Yet coals are stowed away, to be kindled again
Fresh fire is strong and hot, yes

But old fire, seasoned fire, brought back, time after time, is what holds us together. That is what love really is.

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