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'Listen' has the exact same letters as 'Silent'. Coincidence?

Free?, an original poem by PoetryGrrrl

on May 19, 1991

I was 13 when I wrote this.

Break all the walls down
look deep in yourself
are you really like this?
are you fooling yourself?
Are you really so cold
or do you only act that way
because of the things
that people might say
Well who cares what they say?
live and let live!
look into yourself,
see what you can give?
Don't try to be something
you know that you're not
who are you really,
and what do you want?
Do you want to be free
or to wear all these chains?
Don't you long to be yourself?
Or do you like all these games?
Or, would you rather not think of what you could be?
Just lose yourself in the crowd,
but you'll never be free
You'll never be happy
or maybe you will
but you'll never see clearly like i always will
so do what you want, or do what you need
but there's only one way you can choose to be free

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