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Growth, an original poem by PoetryGrrrl

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For once in my life,
I am standing up for me.
I'm sick of being pushed around,
trampled on,
taken advantage of and looked over.
Notice me!
I am a person too
and I am not invisible.
Hear me!
hear me when I speak,
and when I do not.
See me!
not just the surface,
but what I really am.
Look deeper to find the real me,
because I am special and worth knowing.
Understand me.
Don't just take me for granted -
I have feelings too,
and my needs are important.
Love me,
for what I am and what I will be,
and I will give the same to you
without conditions or rules.
grow with me,
learn from me and with me,
and remember that no one has all of the answers,
even you.
Live with me,
even thought I know sometimes
I can be difficult.
No one is perfect but we can learn
to make the best of what we have.
but, most importantly,
help me.
give me advice when I need it,
and then stand back.
watch me grow,
and when I need a hand,
offer me yours.
But when the time comes that I need
to stand on my own,
stand back and let me go.

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