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Let Me Dream Of You Tonight by Lourdes S.

on October 2, 2014

Just let me dream of you tonight
And that you are mine,
I want to hold you in my embrace for a million years,
Let me be the one to fulfill all your fantasies,
I want to be the one
That will give you...
The chills that will run down
Your spine caressing you with a love that is real.
Remember my darling,
You have already engraved very deep
Inside of me...
Your everlasting love
That is craving and yearning,
To feel you...
Drawing me with your hands,
And drawing me with the softness of your mouth,
To feel the heat of your skin so uncontrollable,
Since I saw the flames burning in your eyes,
Mean while my lips and mouth
Will be caressing you
And leaving all my prints
Of my burning flames of fire within your being.
I am telling you
That I am all yours,
That all I want is for you to take the nakedness of my soul,
Since all I want is to drive you insane
With the warmth of my body's fire,
'Cause Darling,
All I want is for you,
To get lost with me
In the heaven above,
Entwined together you and I,
For all eternity and beyond.

Let Me Dream Of You Tonight by Lourdes S.

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