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Christmas Journey

This is a guest poem from "Ask What If Online"

Peacefully, with reverence I view the river

Quietly meandering toward this sand dune.

I sit with spirits who have come before me

Watching as the sun prepares for the moon.


The evening sky, hot with dancing fire colors,

Glows like the old spear maker’s ember pile.

Autumn oak leaves add more brilliant hues

To comfort those who pause here for a while.


Steamboats paddle and churn their way west

Coursing between gray dredge piled banks,

Carrying the life stores of many brave settlers

Who at day’s end stop to eat and give thanks.


Months will pass before they reach the plains.

Some will continue to Rocky Mountains high.

Pristine land where the Missouri River is born

Among jagged peaks rising to touch a big sky.


Tamarack candles radiate their golden light

On spruce trees adorned with cones and snow.   

 White smoke curls from a field stone chimney,

Herds of elk and deer play in valleys below.


This place where the setting sun finds refuge

And wild cutthroats swim sparkling streams.

 Here my spirit has flown this Christmas Eve

  Watching the spirits dancing in my dreams.

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Long Distance II by Tony Harrison

Long Distance II by Tony Harrison

Though my mother was already two years dead
Dad kept her slippers warming by the gas,
put hot water bottles her side of the bed
and still went to renew her transport pass.

You couldn't just drop in. You had to phone.
He'd put you off an hour to give him time
to clear away her things and look alone
as though his still raw love were such a crime.

He couldn't risk my blight of disbelief
though sure that very soon he'd hear her key
scrape in the rusted lock and end his grief.
He knew she'd just popped out to get the tea.

I believe life ends with death, and that is all.
You haven't both gone shopping; just the same,
in my new black leather phone book there's your name
and the disconnected number I still call.

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You are a slave to him whom you love… excerpt from Seventh by Kahlil Gibran

nakedpassion 500x375 You are a slave to him whom you love... excerpt from Seventh by Kahlil Gibran

You are free before the sun of the day, and free before the stars of the night;
And you are free when there is no sun and no moon and no star.
You are even free when you close your eyes upon all there is.
But you are a slave to him whom you love because you love him,
And a slave to him who loves you because he loves you.

Excerpt, Seventh, by Kahlil Gibran

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