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Shane Koyczan – 6:59 AM

Shane Koyczan - 6:59 AM

I’ve been told
that people in the army
do more by 7:00 am
than I do
in an entire day

but if I wake
at 6:59 am
and turn to you
to trace the outline of your lips
with mine
I will have done enough
and killed no one
in the process.

bwcouplecuddlelovebwphotography ea449f8aa9ad1c18b4aee76e245cdbf9 h Shane Koyczan   6:59 AM

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Shane Koyczan – Surprise

surprise Shane Koyczan – Surprise

Shane Koyczan – Surprise

I found god
inside a cracker jack box

smaller than I expected.

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Shane Koyczan – Skin 2

35536 196x300 Shane Koyczan   Skin 2
Shane Koyczan - Skin 2

I don’t imagine you
saran-wrapped in black latex
or seeping out the edges
of something tight and red

I don’t close my eyes
to dream of your back
arched at the impossible angle
of a bow pulled tight
encouraging your shoulder blades
to drip the blood
of stockpiled broken hearts
but I hope the sound
of you not shielding your eyes
from my blinding humility
will one day top the charts

it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard
and you’re the charlie chaplin of your beautifuls
because you make me believe it
when you say it all without saying a word

looking at you it occurred to me
I could sit around all day
wearing nothing but your kiss

you make mirrors
want to grind themselves
back down into sand
because they can’t do your reflection justice

and this just in
I am done with those
who in life would have made me fight
an army of imperfections
a battalion of flaws
tonight we’re going to keep this city up
when they hear our bodies
slap together like applause.

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