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The Beginning of the End, an original poem by PoetryGrrrl

This is probably one of the angstiest teen poems I ever wrote. omfg, I can't believe how Emo I was...

I am lost and lonely and feeling so scared,
wishing for someone to come and care,
but no one cares, or understands,
they only judge and make demands.
Life is empty, and I am so cold,
I'm losing my grip, I feel I'm growing old,
obsolete, and I'm losing my mind,
I hurt so much, and still no one has time.
No one will listen, or lend a hand
to help me grow and understand.
There is pain inside, down deep within,
but I'm helpless and I just can't win.
In the springtime of my life, I am withering away,
more miserable with each passing day,
overwhelmed by all the pain that I must hide,
but there is no release and so I keep it inside.
Bury myself, lost hopes and dreams,
suffocated by pent up, introverted screams,
breaking my will, slowly going insane,
and yet feeling so empty and utterly drained.
Why must everything end this way,
with anger and hate, and nothing left to say,
with shouted words and angry tears,
and feeling tired beyond my years?
My life is almost over, what had begun only yesterday,
all lost in a moment of passion and despair,
now only a fragment of yesterday.
My days pass by in a mind numbing haze
which nothing could disturb or faze,
all alike, always the same,
days and months of fearful pain.
I wish that I could just be brave,
and kill the life I could not save,
cut the ties that hold me here
and lose this loneliness and fear,
and all of the wasted time I've spent
trying to figure out where my life went.
But I'm giving up for good on trying to cope,
instead I'll die, or at least I hope,
and put my life to rest at last,
put this hell and confusion
away with the past.

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