“A Lighthouse Waits for Jessie Foster,” by Bob Rich

“A Lighthouse Waits for Jessie Foster,” a poem written for Glendene Grant, Jessie Foster’s mother

For four years, an angel has held a heavy sword of justice in its hand
Waiting, the angel stands with eternal patience inside the darkness
The angel’s blistered hand still strongly gripping the sword
Which will one day fall upon those who caused Jessie to step out of the light

Early 2006: Jessie was seen at 1009 Cornerstone Place, Las Vegas
Then the light of her presence could not be seen
Many have been looking
But she has never been hidden from the Cornerstone in heaven
The Stone who is the highest of angels, with unsleeping eyes of fire
Whose burning stare pierces even into deepest, farthest darkness

Word came back that Jessie was missing overseas
In a country across the ocean
And a lighthouse still shines at the center of the earth’s stirring sea
Its warm bright prayer of light beaming up through the clouds
Reaching even beyond the sky
To where the highest of angels sees all things

Who saw Jessie as a child
In a glowing blue dress, laughing
Saw her in her youth when she lightly held the warm, softly padded paw of a dog
And in her teens when she sat with friends in a restaurant at night —
When she stared smiling at the glass of soda with carbonation bursting
Like bright liquid fireworks over the rim of the glass …
The angel of hope: who sees Jessie now.

* * *

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