Hello! My name is Poetry Grrrl. I am a: blogger, mad poet, music lover, and adventurer, among other things.  My alignment is Chaotic Good.

I am an individual who blogs about my favorite poetry, music and song lyrics. I have been reading and writing poetry since I was about 6 years old. I have read thousands of books and love language, words, and poetry. This blog is an expression of that passion, where I can keep track of all of my favorite poems, ideas, and thoughts.

I am also a website developer and I wanted to show an example of what a custom blog would look like for my portfolio. It just makes sense to blog about something that I love and spend a lot of time on. I hope you enjoy my eclectic taste in poetry and art, and find new artists to delight you. Everything on this website is a masterpiece! I may, in the future, decide to add another blogger or editor to help moderate the website, if I find someone who is as dedicated to both music and web design as I am!

My website contains a bit of everything. From original poetry by me and other unknown authors, to videos of poetry slams, to classic and victorian poetry, to the works of Rumi, Sara Teasdale, Lewis Carroll, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Anne Stevenson, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and countless other greats; this website is all about poetry and prose, as well as celebrating literature and the other creative arts.

Check back here often to find poetry and prose of all types – whatever strikes my fancy and stirs my soul. I hope that you find something to love here, too.

As to what types of poetry and prose you’ll find: I tend to collect love poetry, feminist poetry, nature poetry, existential poetry, and many other genres.  My interests and tastes vary widely, and there is no telling what you’ll find here.    🙂

Feel free to suggest things to me that I might like including your own original poetry. You can put your name on it or be anonymous – either way – if you want your poem to be seen, I’d love to see it.