I am an activist by Sir-mika Sovereign

I am an activist

I wonder if you know me , do I sound like you ?
Sometimes I get lonely fighting for the truth
Sometimes I get angry with what the sheeple do
Its not easy being activist, there’s little joy in it ,
wondering when the fan will finally hit the shit
Watching all the beatings, oppression and decay.
The erosion of our freedoms coming faster every day
The sheeple who condone it who a

re always in the way ,
Is it worth it when cops come banging on the door
these tactics of coercion getting harder to ignore
I’ve learned to see the game and how they always cheat the score
but with their statist farm revealed, can’t control me anymore
Sometimes I get tired, sometimes I get weak
they can not take my honor, my ability to speak.
I remind them of my strength, of my dignity and rights ,
To show them that the difference is my truth amidst their lies.
To win against the bully is to not succumb to fear
those intimidation tactics are not as they appear.
When governments force compliance, I always overstand ,
Unless I want their slavery, I need to take a stand
I know it won’t be easy but good things seldom are
fighting for my sovereignty is where I have to start
They tell me to obey them but I am not their pet
consent will be required and this they will not get.
I am free , aware and not a fool, I will not live regret
Will you ?

I am an activist by Sir-mika Sovereign

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