“An Album of Songs for Star” by Bob Rich

“An Album of Songs for Star” by Bob Rich

We still can hear the music, From the life of lady Star, And, melodies still arise, Like notes plucked from a guitar, Each passion she held onto, Tells her story like a song, The songs all form a cycle, With a span an album long, The first song on the album, Brings to life the home she made, With her burnished fine antiques, And bright flowers she arrayed, The fragrant smell of lilacs, That was magic she kept near, She longed to be a florist — Studied it as a career, And she admired animals, Such as dogs and ducks and horses, And she watched the leaves change color, As the seasons took their courses, And each song of things she loved, Plays on, for those who’ve missed her, Which includes her love of art, And crafting with her sister, And they cooked together too — Meals they cooked were quite a thrill, Plus, she loved to dance and sing, And played dulcimer with skill, Stevie Nicks’ songs filled her life, Like: “Landslide,” “Leather and Lace”… Tom Petty and Bob Seger, Brought a smile to her face, What really made her happy, Were the family times she had, Her son Cody gave her joy, And so did her mom and dad, She had a ball at Christmas — She made any party brighter, Yet the light she shone was dimmed, When she proved she was a fighter: She defended a young girl, Who was struggling in a bar, Though she made that sacrifice, In our memories, she’s not far. * * *

Background details: Star stood up for and defended a young lady in a bar and did not survive the event. Her many fine qualities are remembered by many, and this poem was written as a tribute for her.

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