Angry Gods by PoetryGrrrl

I want to run barefoot
through the sand
of some deserted beach
and feel the wind
brushing its’ fingers
lightly through my hair.
I want to fall asleep
under the blanket of night
and hear the crashing waves
compose a lullabye just for me
then awake to watch
the blush of dawn
over the yawning horizon
while the tide nibbles hungrily
at my bare feet.
I want to feel the sun
beating down my back
and watch the time
pass slowly by me
I would like to worship the Sun god,
to drink a toast to him
from the sweet morning dew
and bow down before the angry winds.
I shall set the gods free from
their long silent slumber.
Awake, awake unto me!
you must defeat the usurpers
and take back your own.
I myself will be
the first sacrifice.
A world without man,

Original Poetry is © 2011 – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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