Word Dancing by Laura Lasala

I want to dance with words.
I’ll wrap myself round
them and tango.

I want to weave words
into a shimmering shawl,
I can wear when I waltz at midnight.

I want words that stand at attention
and parade with me to
“Stars and Stripes Forever.”

I want to lay down in the cool grass
with scented words strewn over me
like sweet Jasmine blossoms,

when I’m tired from the dancing.

Laura Lasala – 2009

I will not apologize by Brooke WonderfullyMade Travis

If you could pull back my flesh
You would unearth my scars
You could trace a long line of pain through my arteries back to my heart
Smell the smoke from the newly laid tire tracks of the last lover who chose to drive away
With voices reverberating about how I was never good enough to make anyone stay
If you could xray the bone structure in my legs
It would appear to be weak
Like the weight of the world could never withstand on such fallible feet
If you held my hand
You could feel the pain
See my bruises
The callouses rough from climbing the mountains to follow people who were my enemies …but i thought of them as my muses
If you could read my mind the thoughts alone could make you cry
I beg you not to weep for me because in this moment I have survived
This life tried to kill me I fought back and I am alive
Now I stand here with all my flaws
Like a lioness with my pride
I laugh in the face of circumstance
I don’t cower at the changes
I just go with the flow
Set the scenes and decorate the stages
I won’t apologize for being different
My father made me to stand out
Blending in is an insult to Him
My faith though sometimes misguided is always devout
So whatever hardships life has left to throw I’m catching in my palm
I’m weathering the storms
And keeping my two cents where it belongs
I will forgive not to be forgiven but to put my soul at ease
To flush the poison from my system
I am not sorry for being me

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