Consolation by PoetryGrrrl

My troubled mind never rests
it whirls and circles like a hawk
waiting for me to let down my guard
so it can pounce upon my solitude
with twisted thoughts;
and yet sometimes
my spirit sings for joy
that I have the ability to think,
to feel, to love, to care, to hope
and to just be.
I love myself, I really do
and yet the world is too much with me.
I am sad that I never told you
exactly what I felt
I guard my thoughts too closely
because they are all I have,
the only things no one can take from me.
But in life, you sometimes need to share
your burdens with the ones who care
to lessen the pain, and sometimes
open the windows and get some fresh air
and let the sun shine down
into the dusty corners you forgot about –
even the littlest things are important!
I wish that I could just give everyone
in the entire world
one sunny day, with the birds singing
and the trees growing, and the wind lightly blowing
I wish I could show everyone the flowers
and the rain; and the stars in the sky
and teach them how to fly
because that’s all anyone needs
for a little piece of mind;
but it’s hard to find.
Sometimes I believe that the world is OK
that through all of the fog and smoke
I can still see a bright ray of hope that shines
But as with any good thing, it ends.
Some days, I love the dark, crave it,
I want to feel the sad, mad, bad
and bask in the negative
let myself cry like a child,
but after so long the need to be consoled takes over,
the sun comes out and the world seems at play.
I love to spread joy, take the sad
away from everyone else
so they won’t feel bad
I keep it to myself for rainy days.

Original Poetry is © 2011 – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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