Do it NOW by PoetryGrrrl

Standing at the edge of time
looking forward
I can’t see far;
looking back,
I see far too much;
looking at the present,
I see myself looking
to the past and the future
and not concentrating enough on NOW.
Nothing will ever get done
if I don’t do it NOW!


endless, vast
far reaching blue
giver of life
cool breeze at my back
never enough time
to sit here in quiet contemplation
and watch the waves
and enjoy life.
But there is always time to
mindlessly watch TV
(I can’t remember what I watched though)
and to bury myself in endless computer games,
(What do I have to show for it in the end?)
to wait for unreliable people to remember me
(I’m not sure why I even bother)
to daydream and wish I was someone else
(Someone with all of the answers)
I could be all of the things that I dream
if I would just get up and do something

Original Poetry is © 2011 – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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