Epic Love Poem by PoetryGrrrl

This morn i awoke to the sun
streaming in through the blinds
and the sounds of the birds
singing the praises of a glorious day
and with a vision of last night still
fresh in my mind, turned to kiss your brow;
alas, then i awoke again,
to find it was only a sweet dream
but it was so sweet it had to be real.

I dreamt of you and a summer day,
and the sun was shining down with all of it’s might and glory
to crown your golden tresses with
a worthy halo,
that you might spare it one sweet smile
or a passing glance as you went on your way.
I envied the sun, for it had such warmth
that you could not feel mine.

The flowers, too, craved your attention,
and in glorious colour they called you over
to offer their sweetest nectar
in humble admiration, each hoping
that you would take pity and pick it;
for what greater honor, than to be a flower
picked by your hand to adorn your fair head?
And for all their sweetness and beauty,
I envied them, for how could i compete?

As the day passed, Mother Nature
regaled you with all she had to offer;
choruses of birds chirped melodies
inspired by your charm
and again, i despaired, for everything
i had to offer paled in comparison
to what you already had laid before you.

The day waned, and the stars had their turn
to dance in your lovely eyes
while the dryads and naiads and
all of their brethren
bowed their heads
as the wind caressed you
then laid quiet at your feet
where the earth had made itself into a soft bed
in hopes that you would rest there
and let it be your shelter.

All of these things were worthy of you,
and i wept in despair that there was nothing i could do
that seemed as worthy, or quite as beautiful;
and even if i found a fitting gift
how could i get near enough to give it
to one who has so many admirers?

And so i turned to go, weeping tears that fell
softly, and gave moisture
to one bare patch of the ground
that seemed to want for life or colour.
And as i watched, a flower sprung up,
with petals as soft as your smile,
as bright,and just as beautiful,
and it, too, longed to be near you
and craved your warmth and light
so it could blossom in your honor.
I knew what i could offer.

I picked the flower gently, cradled it
in my arms, and gave it all my love,
and then carried it back to where you lay,
and left it at your feet
to cheer you when you woke.

Then I knelt to watch you
for a moment, and drink you in,
then turned to go, my lips burning
with the kiss i didn’t give Your cheek
for want of courage.

As I went, Mother Nature took pity on me,
and nudged you softly, whispered in your ear
that you should wake,
and though i walked away forever,
i came back somehow to the place
and found you admiring my flower.
And this time, when you retired,
i came softly forward, as not to disturb
so much as a blade of grass
nor make any noise to disturb your slumber,
and laid down next to you,
wrapped my arms so gently round you,
and tried to give you warmth through the night.

And when, this morn, I awoke to the sun
streaming in through the blinds
And the sounds of the birds
singing the praises of a glorious day,
I turned, with visions of last night still
fresh in my mind, to kiss your brow;
But alas, then I awoke again,
to find that it was only the sweetest dream
that i have ever had.

Original Poetry is © 2011 PoetryGrrrl.com – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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