Falling by PoetryGrrrl

When I think of him
I picture sun shining down
to pay homage
birds sweetly chirping
at the morning dew
and blush of dawn
lights my cheeks
at mention of his name;
when I think upon my friend
I cannot help but smile,
I cannot chill the warming thoughts
nor can I stop the changing tide
that flows in his direction.
All sweetness in his smile,
all beauty in his eyes
and yet, I fear to look
for I know I can’t disguise
the way I fall into them;
preclude to adoration
stirrings of a change in me
I have found a kindred spirit
a soul much like my own
and one that logic does not rule!

Original Poetry is © 2011 PoetryGrrrl.com – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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