First Kiss by Allan Anderson


Her cheeks feel like they’re too heavy
But she can’t help but smile
She’s giddy with emotion
She’s been dreaming of this moment for a while

His head is so light and dizzy
In his stomach is one giant knot
He can’t see or think straight
But focused on this one moment he’s got
The sand beneath their feet feel like silk
The water is warm and clear
The surf beats on the shore with a gentle rhythm
Gentle waves push their bodies near
Their hands meet and he pulls her in
Both their hearts beat in time with the tide
The water sits on her skin like precious pearls
Not even the setting sun can match the beauty of her eyes
She lifts her feet off the ocean floor
And floats right into his waiting arms
Their bodies touch and press together
Wrapping her legs around him triggers an internal alarm
She feels his body’s response, gazing directly into his eyes
Squeezes her legs tighter, tighter, tighter
Places her arms around his neck and positions herself
As she feels his flame rise higher, higher and higher
He closes his eyes for one brief moment
As the loving warmth of her body engulfs his own
He opens again and locks eyes with an angel
Setting sun, sea, sand and the two of them are all alone
Then everything goes deadly silent
Nothing else is heard but the sound of their breath
Their hearts beat as one, their bodies in sweet embrace
Rapidly breathing, hearts pounding, his head tilt right, hers left

Lips brush lightly against each other in a teasing touch
They pause, touch noses, nibble, bite and inhale each other’s musk
She grinds into his flame and sinks her tongue deep into his mouth
As their bodies explode in a burst of passion and lust.

Allan Anderson
-First Kiss is featured in Landscape of Love.

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