So you think you are free? by Sir-mika Sovereign

I watch people who say that they are free who drive around in their cars knowing that the only reason they are doing this is because they were granted permission from the government to use a car to travel , they take that car to a job where they had to use a Social security or Social insurance number to be able to get permission to work. That card and number then allows them to work, also allows the state to inform the tax collectors that you have made a certain amount of money for your labor that they now can take from you , those taxes that they take from you are now used to buy surveillance cameras and fund police departments that are in place to make sure that you follow the rules set up by the government that issued you permission to work in the first place.

You need a license to fish , to hunt , to get married, to run a business, to sell things , to use your car , to work in certain trades , and to run a farm .

You need a permit to use your car , to own a pet , to build onto your house , to own a gun, to use a gun, to help the needy and most disturbing of all to hold a protest or to congregate among your peers in public.

You are told to declare your earnings and file a tax return and you are told that you must fill out a census to inform on your family and friends.

You need to go through an indoctrination program called school which gives you a diploma so that you can get a higher level of indoctrination in college or university and without this certificate you are considered unemployable to those people who take your money in the form of taxation.

When you are born you are given a certificate to become a citizen and that certificate identifies you as a “person” who is “subject” to the laws and rules of that society .

If you choose to revoke these contracts with the government or question the motives of these contracts for any reason you will have police sent out to either assault you , fine you , steal from you , or worst case they will kill you .

If for any reason you decide to travel abroad and do not have a government issued passport or birth certificate or citizenship card with you as a good and obedient card carrying slave you will be denied your right to travel the world. If you do happen to have these things you will be insulted , interrogated, searched and scanned with radiation until those with perceived authority deem you worthy of travel.  A perfect slave is allowed these concessions.

You are not allowed access to your own body in the way of health . If you wish to remain healthy on your own terms that is considered anti social behaviour, The state requires that you inject poisons into your body , drink fluoride , and if you choose to use natural healing products to rid yourself of pesky diseases created by the governments own health agencies and policy like chemical aerosol spraying and GMO’s. you will be arrested for using alternative natural methods such as canniibus , hemp, or if you promote raw foods or alternative treatments such as apricot kernels , DCA , or other things that the government does not want you to know about you will be put on a list of suspected terrorism and or raided in the middle of the night by mercenaries .

If you choose to oppose the war , If you speak out against government policy, the obvious lies of 911, or Israel you will be arrested for hate crimes or called anti-semitic or a racist and persecuted to the point of exile .

So you think you are free ? Think again .

So you think you are free ? by Sir-mika Sovereign

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