Full Moon by PoetryGrrrl

072796 (full moon)

blue cast sky
solitary orb of madness
rolling through fog mists and
cloud castles
imagining deepest darkest dungeons
and escaping from them
into bright warm sunny
of castle courtyards
fair ladies strolling arm in arm
with brave young knights
blissful carefree
enchanted ramblings
ages gone and forgotten
but not by all-
some hearts still can see;
some ears still strain
to hear avonlea’s call;
some still work magick spells
and cast their warmth
upon the world –
in vain?
Not so long as there are dreamy eyes
to gaze upon the setting sun
and kindred spirits to dispel
even the darkest hour.

Original Poetry is © 2011 PoetryGrrrl.com – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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