Godless by PoetryGrrrl

What can I believe in?
In a god whose name is the justification
of needless suffering and cruelty?
What should I put faith in?
A world whose goal is to get ahead
to smother everything I love
and stifle everything that is free?
Should I join in money worship
and idle mindless chatter
and revere rich men, capitalism, and suppression
although the dreams I held most dear
lie crushed under big brothers’ bootheel?
Should I want to be part of a society
based in greed, avarice, and persecution?
If that’s all there is to it,
then what the hell is the point?

No, none of that is real.  You are all so sick!
I believe in the trees and the grass and the sky
I put faith in Mother Nature, that she will
someday teach her children humility.
I am a heathen; I worship the sun
and the wind and the earth.

Truth is my lord, justice my saviour,
Gaia my virgin lady.

But my lord is dead, my saviour nailed
to the proverbial cross; my virgin lady
raped and left for dead.

My gods are all destroyed
in favor of capitalism and design.

Original Poetry is © 2011 PoetryGrrrl.com – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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