“The Houses by the Sea” by Bob Rich

“The Houses by the Sea” by Bob Rich

There’s a place, far away, in a dream I once had,

It’s an island of song, where not one soul is sad,

When I came to this place in my blissful night dream,

I was warmed by the sand and the rays of sunbeam.


All the children played freely in streets paved with stones,

And the windchimes played music in bright, floating tones,

I saw houses were there, white and blue, by the sea,

Then some people came out to give greetings to me.


“Come and join us,” they said, “in the City of Light,

Where there only is cheer and there never is fright,”

The women came forward with baskets of flowers,

The men said, “Relax by the sea for some hours.”


I sat on the shore near the cool, clear, blue water,

And found myself joined by the mayor’s own daughter,

“Good day,” she said warmly, “I’ve a question for you,”

“I will answer,” said I, “but first tell me it’s true.”


“Oh, that what’s true?” she asked, with a smile so sweet,

With a joy on her face that made me feel complete,

“That this city exists, it’s not just a fable,

We can have joy and peace, we really are able.”


It was then I looked up and saw birds overhead,

Casting shadows on me – then the lady instead,

But she waved them away with a brush of her hand,

And they scattered like sorrow without strength to stand.


“Come now,” she replied, “you’re so serious, so bleak,”

She drew near me and placed her soft hand on my cheek,

“Just look here, in my eyes, and you’ll know if I’m real,”

And I gazed in her eyes and a soul I did feel.


“There’s a light in your eyes, and the essence of life,

But, still, how can this be? A real place with no strife?”

In my grief, I looked down and could not hide my tear,

She said, “Now, would you please hear my question, my dear?”


“I will,” I said, as she began to fade away,

Yet, before I woke up, I could still hear her say,

“What is your one dream and will you build it for me?

When it’s done, I’ll meet you at your house by the sea.”


*     *     *

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