Inevitable Surrender by Night Rider

Straddled across his lap
I looked into eyes
Of blue seas and gray sky

The smile he always offered
Could no longer be seen
We were on the precipice of a kiss
Heat seeking heat

I discovered myself
On the tip of his tongue
As he uttered words of penetration
Between pauses of savoring
Innocence for use

Pink meeting pink
His head lost in me
As he rocked me to and fro
Filling me with poignant memory
Of not too long ago

Not too long ago
He would wave as he walked by
Little conversations sprouting here and there
That I continued well into fantasy

Then came the day
When my feelings were in flux
He said I knew how he wanted to touch

With every touch I surrendered
To the need that bloomed
From when he reached in and
Caressed his secret

Looking into eyes of fertile earth
He loosed his seed
All the while holding me close
Rocking to and fro
Rocking to and fro

~ Night Rider

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