“Janet Gail Henry is a Friend We Remember,” written by Bob Rich

“Janet Gail Henry is a Friend We Remember,” written by Bob Rich, by request of Janet’s sister Sandra Gagnon, 10/8/10

She’s a soul with a generous presence, that each of her loved ones enjoys

Her contentment comes from helping others, and she does so with gladness and poise.


She visits the docks at Port Haney, like the times she once had as a girl

Her fisherman dad loved the ocean, a great love she received like a pearl

When Janet is close to the water, she is peaceful beside the calm sea

But when she has hopes, dreams, and missions, her existence fills with energy.


She’s happy with Sandra, her sister, which is true because they are best friends

She cherishes her daughter Debra, and their bond to this day never ends

So, Debra has taken some classes, to research why some disappear

She brightly reflects Janet’s kindness — it’s almost as if Janet were here.


When Debra was just a young child, Janet took her to aunt Sandra’s farm

Where animals roamed and played freely, underneath the sun’s sky-warming charm

And Janet made wondrous things happen, her life was a great and true story

She would always aim high for the moon, to find her own bright lunar glory.


She liked to go to The King’s Kitchen, for exceptional Chinese cuisine

With passion and skill as a dancer, she was a choreography queen

She loved Stanley Park for its beauty, where the swans are like floating white kites

Where dolphins swim in an exhibit, near cedar tress of towering heights.


We know she’d be proud of our efforts, to search tll at last we can find her

Yet she’d want us to go on with life — her soul could not be any kinder.


*     *     *


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