“Jesse Ross’s Unfinished Song” by Bob Rich

“Jesse Ross’s Unfinished Song” by Bob Rich, posted on Jesse’s birthday 2/18/11

Music gives rhythm to Jesse each day

Through radio shows he liked to DJ

And concerts he planned that starred a friend’s band

While touring with them, he’d lend them a hand.


Sports provide Jesse with good energy

Track and Cross County, he’d run patiently

Snack stands he worked were at ballfields nearby

He proved that, in sales, his strong talents fly.


His outgoing ways made college years fun

Forging good friendships, he’s second to none

He’d help to put on the campus events

Media studies for Jesse made sense.


Family time, he quite often would seek

Movies, he’d go to with brother each week

He and his dad dined at Chili’s in style

He and his mom watched cartoons for a smile.


For chances to give, he often would search

Like when he arranged fundraisers for church

And at the daycare, he showed he has heart

He turned decent acts to fine works of art.


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