Loneliness or Lust by Dimitrius

Loneliness or Lust by Dimitrius (source)

Loneliness or lust

I long for your touch but I can decide if its loneliness or lust I fantasize about our uniting but those thoughts I try to resist.

Still it makes my heart beat faster to think
Of your scent.

It excites my mind and body, why am I feeling this way. Am I shaming myself with silly passion, or am I looking for some kind of culmination from you which you may not have had or that I may not have experienced.

Because when you walk by my mind turns to sexual thoughts and pleasures I try to be prudent and I tell myself to stop. But still I vision you in a proxy of emotion.

In your nakedness I can see your body responding to my every move.
The sweat is dripping from our bodies as the clock goes ticking on.

But time is not the factor, you and time are mine.

As we reach the highest peaks, nothing could be finer.

As we moan in pleasure, I can find no pain. These thought’s drive me insane but still I wonder

is it

loneliness or lust

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