Moonlight Dance, an original poem by PoetryGrrrl

(also available in Spanish!)

Dancing in the moonlight
a shadow of me
I close my eyes
to the endless sea
I escape from my body
I set myself free
and without earthly restriction
I am free to be.
Nighttime’s shades of light & dark
flicker with the breeze
and the song of the evening calls to me sweetly
as, weeping, I fall to my knees.
While I embrace your countenance
the trees halt for a moment
in their mad, whirling dance
and the earth seems at a standstill
in its’ mighty, frozen stance.
Then, my happiness is colored black
when I am wrenched from your embrace
and the wind carries me on broken wings
pulling me from this place.
Though unwilling to leave you behind
I begin to fade away
It breaks my heart to leave you but
I know I cannot stay.
My time has now come
I must kiss your lips goodbye
while another longing, bitter tear
falls from the crumbling sky.

Original Poetry is © 2011 – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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