“A Museum for Jason Turner,” written by Bob Rich as a tribute

“A Museum for Jason Turner,” written by Bob Rich as a tribute

The pages of life can smear ink on our fingers, Emotions endure and the happiness lingers, Jason’s portrait remains within recollections, The private museum of our mem’ries’ affections, This museum displays paintings of times from the past, Which remind us of Jay through these scenes that will last, Like, in one painting, Jay and his mom watch TV, They would always watch football together, weekly, In the next painting, Jason stacks books on a shelf, From his studies of languages he taught himself, Then, a painting of Jay with his pet dog named Redd, Then, a sketch of friends laughing from jokes that Jay said, And a painting of Jason inside of a store, When he just had five dollars and not any more, But he gave the five bucks to a woman in there, She was homeless and sunburnt and needed some care, And a painting of Jay bringing back his mom’s car, He had borrowed it briefly and hadn’t gone far, He’d tinted the windows so the car’d not get hot, And now the car had a new stereo he got, In each one of these paintings, Jay’s life is portrayed, The things that he valued, the impressions he made, In private, Jay’d always have a Bible to read, In public, Jay happily would live out his creed.

* * * Remembering Jason: http://obits.reviewjournal.com/obituaries/lvrj/obituary.aspx?n=jason-turner&pid=142032428#fbID=792798488 * * * Donate in Jason’s honor: http:// nevertolatetofindthetruth.bbnow.org/

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