Revelations by PoetryGrrrl

All of my life
I have waited for a great revelation.
I have hoped, prayed,
called on God while denouncing Him
I have written, and read the
words of poets past.
I have believed in death,
despaired in life,
searched endlessly for a voice
with which to be heard.
I have not yet found that voice,
but when I do,
I am going to shout out with all of my might,
to tell all the world what I know,
what all men know but will not admit;
I will tell them that life is beautiful,
death is freedom from oppression,
all our knowledge, obsolete.
Nature is to be cherished and kept,
not destroyed and polluted.
With all of the knowledge we have acquired,
we still know nothing of simple things,
which are the only things worth knowing.
Life is not about money, possessions,
education in useless subjects,
nor getting ahead by keeping others down.
Life is about beauty and truth,
justice and the right to life for all,
which means living as you want,
and loving as you will.
Beauty, freedom, truth, and love,
not anger, oppression, or control.
And, the ultimate truth is that,
we are nothing and we know nothing;
we are insignificant,
and only our destruction
can save something more beautiful than us;
our world, when left alone,
can become once again the great work of art
which it once was, and was always meant to be,
without factories and low-income housing,
schools where we stifle children and
break their wills and their minds,
teach them to destroy, consume,
like our fathers and theirs before.
A world without corruption, cruelty,
nuclear power and radioactive people –
we need a rebirth of truth
and the death of our destructive ways.
I await the day,
I embrace the death of man.

Original Poetry is © 2011 – all rights reserved – no reproduction without my explicit permission.

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