Sorrow, an original poem by PoetryGrrrl

Silently, I weep for you.
A teardrop falls
onto my pillow, for
another heartbreak at your hands.
Today is only one of the many times
that you have disappointed me.
A little sigh escapes my lips
my heart is broken, never will it mend.
A lonely little tear falls, unnoticed,
into an ocean of the sorrow that you have caused;
into the sea of sadness that I
have been drowning in
since I met you.
One lonely teardrop,
alone like me
when cry is all I can do
for the feeling I get when I look at you
one little teardrop that no one sees
falls softly like rain from a cloudy sky,
one little teardrop
that is my answer to your goodbye
falls from the crack in my heart
to mourn the loss of you.

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