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Stop by PoetryGrrrl

Stop wasting your life
wating for people
who never show up,
whether literally
or just metaphorically.

If they really wanted to,
they could not be prevented
by every single circumstance
no matter how big or small,
for all of eternity,
until the end of time,
from being part of your life.
Armed with nothing
but some lame excuse,
and they didn’t even try
to make it sound convincing.

I only want what is meant for me.
There’s nothing I feel is worth forcing.
And if actions don’t match words,
well, the truth is forthcoming.
Why suffer for something
I know is not real?
If I know it’s a lie,
what’s the appeal?

No more squandering precious time
on these one-sided deals.
Move forward instead.
Be happy, and heal.

~Poetry Grrrl

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