“Tresa’s Lighted Skies” by Bob Rich

“Tresa’s Lighted Skies” by Bob Rich, a poem written for Tresa during her battle against cancer, 8/30/10

When Tresa was a young child,

She grew up on a large farm.

The sun would rise like a great fiery jewel in the sky,

stirring birds in the morning trees,

warming the swaying fields like a blazing lamp of hymnal light.


When Tresa became an adult,

She taught choral music for thirty years.

Her passion illuminated the lives of countless youth at school,

brightening secret chords in their souls,

lighting their musical futures like a shining caroling dove of cloud-borne melody.


When Tresa later got cancer,

Many people gathered ’round her.

Her skillful doctor and medical team made a strong, burning-white moon rise in her night,

with her friends arrayed in her darkened sky

like pulsing stars of encouraging strength.


When Tresa’s health returns,

She will be freed to fly again.

She can watch the sun rise over her son’s blooming marriage and career,

and she’ll take flight again

to Italy, France, and the bird-speckled, sea-kissed shores of the Greek Islands,

where guitars will be played at the dawn.


*    *    *

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