White Flag by Anonymous

This is a reader submission that I received tonight. There was no date on it, but the poet told me that they had written it a long time ago, and that they don’t feel this way anymore, but that they hoped it might help someone who felt this way now. Thank you, anonymous!

I have given it 28 years in this life, and all I feel is pain.
After all this heartache, how could anyone ever be sane?
I don’t know why I was put here, or even why I stay
if my life is the price of freedom, then that debt I am ready to pay
I am not looking for sympathy, or any type of sorrow
I just want someone to hear me; that not everyone is wanting a tomorrow
I am told that life is a gift, but I’m not sure that I agree
Not having to experience another day would be the best present anyone could give me
I have forgotten how to smile, thanks to all the damage that’s been done
it only makes an appearance when I am lucky enough to see my son
I feel like my life was arranged for me, like I didn’t have a choice
Now no one hears my cries for help, like I don’t have a voice
The woman I love has moved on, and we no longer speak
When I cycle through the memories, I can feel the tears start to roll down my cheeks
I am still confused, and don’t think I will ever really understand
Why life is full of pain and hurt, yet we call it God’s great plan
To my Sons Mother, the woman who will forever hold the key to my heart
Even though we are not together, I want you to know I have never felt apart.
To my son Carter, the only one I will truly miss
I hope to see you on the other side my baby, if Heaven really does exist.

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