Who Is We by Todd Hudzinski

Who Is We

by Todd Hudzinski, (January 1984)


This plight we share

In all it consists of humanity, it’s ignorance

It’s belonging, it’s peace of mind and body


We need time for reflection and dreams

A life separate, alone to contemplate

The course of deliverance


Too many times we are caught up in ourselves

And thus, we forget our plight


There is a space in our life where we need nothing

Except time which always is, never was

But then there is remorse, for we are behind

Too young to manifest the reality thus conceptualized


And who is we but me


Somewhere and somehow attainment be not denied

Attainment acheived through releasement


Expect nothing and be not disillusioned

For it is all too simple to be misconstrued by complexity

Which leads inevitably to false starts and hopes


To be humbled is blissful and serene

And intelligence gained through it will not be

Misrepresentation of true knowledge.

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